Friday, June 4, 2010

World's Largest Orange and Red Traffic Jam

-Sorry for the short hiatus from the Man Crush, I think a Matt Stairs home run ball destroyed all Man Crush Modern Technology (MCMT). But the MSMC (try to keep up!) is back and ready to rumb... I'm not allowed to finish it or Michael Buffer's people will be banging my door down.

-Kind of a busy night in beauuuutiful downtown South Philadelphia tonight. Game 4 of the Cup Finals and Doc Perfecto returns to the hill against the Padres. The sports complex will be insane tonight and if you are going to either game I suggest you leave... maybe 4 hours ago?

-Can this Flyers team be killed? Everytime you think its over and done they figure out a way to dig out of the grave. Its unreal. I'm pretty sure they've been written off 482 times during this run and they keep proving everybody wrong. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that the winner of tonight's game will win the series. The Blackhawks have played without doubt all season long. If they go back to Chicago tied 2 games a piece after they had led 2-0, I think some doubt might sink in, and I'm not certain they'll be able to handle it. The Flyers have already proven that they can perform under any circumstances and any amount of pressure. But if the Flyers lose tonight, I don't think they can win 3 straight against this Chicago team. The Hawks, unfortunately, are not the Boston Bruins. But who knows, I, just like everyone else, have been wrong more times than not in these improbable playoffs. Nothing is going to shock me anymore.

-Across the parking lot, the Phillies return home after one of the worst road trips ever. I'm not crazy worried yet(having the Flyers distract me has helped) but if the offense doesn't get it going this weekend, there could be major, major problems. Thank goodness Roy Perfect is pitching tonight. I expect another perfect game tonight, obviously.

-Speaking of obviously, the biggest story of the night (j/k Flyers!) is my hero and yours Matt Stairs is back in town with the Padres! Make sure you bring your gloves if you happened to have seats for tonight's game on the moon. If you see Mr. Stairs around town this weekend, tell him about the Man Crush! Maybe word it a little differently so you don't come off super creepy. Ask him if Cheesy Gordita Crunches really are good for super mega home run hitting strength. You don't really need to ask him that, we all know that answer. Hopefully he'll get a few AB's in the series and *gasp* maybe even a spot start. Guaranteed standing ovation.

-Our good friend Megan, who you know as the young lady attempting to adopt Charlie Manuel as her Grandpop (OMWTACMAHG) happens to be a 5th grade teacher (since she won't respond to my email, I can't plug the school... hi kids in Ms. M's class!). She assigned her students to write essays and two of them decided to write about the man, the myth, the legend himself... Matt Stairs. Ms. M sent them in of course... lets enjoy!!!


By: J.L.

The person who I wrote a biography on is a guy named Matt Stairs. He played on the Philadelphia Phillies as well as some other baseball teams, too.

Matt Stairs was born on February 27, 1968 in St. John, New Brunswick. After he played in South Korea for the Canadian Olympic team in 1988, he played in the Minor League for the Harrisburg Senators.

Stairs went on to play for 6 more Minor League teams from 1989-2003. During that time, he briefly played for the Montreal Expos (1992-1993), Boston Red Sox 1995), Oakland Athletics (1996-2000), Chicago Cubs (2001), Milwaukee Brewers (2002), Pittsburg Pirates (2003), Kansas City Royals (2004-2006), Texas Rangers (2006), Detroit Tigers (2006), and Toronto Blue Jays (2007-2008). Also, from 2008-2009 he played for the Philadelphia Phillies.

On October 29, 2008 the Phillies won the World Series against the Rays, 4 games to 1 game. The next season, on April 12, 2009, Matt hit a homerun against the Colorado Rockies. This was the last homerun call by broadcaster Harry Kalas, who died unexpectedly the next day. On January 23, 2010, Matt agreed with a contract to a Minor League with the San Diego Padres.

Learning about Matt Stairs was interesting because there are a lot of cool facts about him. All of this information that I wrote about him was all new to me because I even know he existed until this excited project came along. I know all about Matt Stairs now, and my opinion of him is that he is a very interesting and exciting person.

Obviously A++ work... here's the next one:


By: S.M.

The Philles player who I researched is Matthew Wade Stairs. He was born on February 27, 1968 in St. John, New Brunswick. Through the years that he played baseball, Matt Stairs hit 260 homeruns.

Matt Stairs is married to Lisa Astle and has three daughters: Nicole, Alicia, and Chandler. Matt Stairs coached hockey for John Bapst Memorial high school.

Stairs went on to play for different baseball teams. He accomplished a record of being on the most baseball teams of any position player. Matt Stairs started with the Montreal Expos (1992 – 1993), Chunchi Dragons (1993) NPB, Boston Red Sox 1995, Oakland Athletics (1996 – 2000), Chicago Cubs (2001), Milwaukee Brewers (2002), Pittsburgh Pirates (2003), Kansas City Royals (2004-2006), Texas Rangers (2006) half time, Detroit Tigers (2006) half time, Toronto Blue Jays (2007-2008), Philadelphia Philles (2008-2009), and now the San Diego Padres (2010).

Matt Stairs played 2 years for the Philadelphia Philles in 2008 and 2009. Matt Stairs was on the Philles team that won the World Series in 2008. In 2009, he got to the World Series game for the Philles, and played out fielder. Then, the Philadelphia Philles traded him to San Diego.

In conclusion, Matt Stairs is a great baseball player, I would very much enjoy to see him play in a game.

Once again A++!

Thanks kids! Well done!

-Haiku time!

OT days of yore
Kevin Haller beats Rangers
90's Flyers win

-If this picture doesn't get you juiced up (not fist pumping juiced) for the game tonight (well maybe fist pumping juiced) there must be something wrong with you.

I didn't know that many people owned orange shirts (i know i know)

-I would like to have an incredibly enjoyable weekend, so if the Flyers could win that would help greatly to make that happen.

-An extra special Flyers Stairs-Bomb today!

Taser - 2
Fans - 0

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