Monday, May 24, 2010

Don't Want To Go Back To Canada

What an up and down weekend in Philly. The Phils had a 3 game series with the BoSox and that annoying nation (can we kick them out?). I went to the game Friday night (which turned out to be the only win of the series for the Phils... thanks for getting sick Erin, hope you are feeling better!). Cole Hamels pitched tremendously after giving up a 1st inning solo shot to Victor Martinez. Jayson Werth hit a Stairs-esque bomb in to the upper deck in right. He's gonna be mad rich yo. The rest of the series didn't go as well. Dice-K took a no-no in to the 8th Saturday and 108 year old Tim Wakefield (if you are wondering, Jamie Moyer is 114) knuckleballed his way through the Phillies lineup to help the Sox snag 2 of 3 from the Phils. Nothing but par for the course when it comes to the Phillies and interleague play. Even Roy Hallagod showed that he is still human... sometimes. I'm pretty sure the sight of Roy getting the hook in the 5th will not be a frequent one. Up to New York for 3 with the Mets, more on that tomorrow. Get Chase Utley Corner ready!

Meanwhile, up in Canadia, the Flyers bounced back in a big way from their debacle in game 3 to completely dominate the Canadiens en route to a 3-0 win in the game and a 3-1 lead in the series. Claude Giroux and Ville Leino continue their coming out parties and Chris Pronger continues to dazzle with his efficient defensive domination and beautiful stretch passing skills. The 2nd period was as much of a complete dismantle of an NHL team as I've ever seen. Outshooting the Habs 13-1 and outscoring them 2-0, Montreal could barely enter the Flyers zone much less test Michael Leighton, who recorded his 3rd shutout of the series (ridiculous). And I haven't even mentioned the fact that Jeff Carter and Ian Laperierre made their improbable returns to the lineup. It is mind boggling that these two are back on the ice. The Flyers have set themselves up perfectly to close out the series in 5 games at the Wachovia Center tonight. The building will be jumping for sure, knowing that the Prince of Wales trophy is in the house and in reach. The Flyers should be able to feed off of the energy of the crowd to make sure that the Canadiens don't have any more comebacks in the tank.

Doug Collins is the new coach of the 76ers. Right now i'm ok with that decision, only because I'm not sure if there was anyone better, which isn't really saying much. I don't know if anyone can say with any certain how he will do at this point. He has said all of the right things so far. I predict he will be the greatest Sixers coach of all time named Doug (too bad Johnny Davis' first name isn't Doug, right Doug Moe? You could've been the best!)

Lost has ended, and it seems every person that watched the series (I've never seen it once) is still unsure as to what happened. Sounds like the title of the show was extremely appropriate. While the series finale was on last night, I watched a documentary on John Wilkes Booth's attempted getaway after killing Lincoln. I surely wasn't "Lost" when that show ended; they found him and shot him. Pretty clear cut. Definitely recommended viewing if you get the chance. The History Channel rules.

11 days away from the greatest home run hitter of our time returns to Philadelphia. Matt Stairs and the Padres are coming in for a 4 game set. Alert local businesses to prepare for falling debris. Stairs-Bombs galore!

Megan (OMWTACMAHG) update tomorrow- working on a few leads.

Old, Obscure Philadelphia Athlete Haiku time!!!:

One jersey in stands
Ilkka Sinisalo flies
Smoothest Finn around

Our first international Stairs-Bomb! Gotta look close for this one. That wall must be made with some fierce material to withstand the Stairs-Bomb power!

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