Thursday, May 6, 2010

Stinko de Fly-o and Every 5th day is upon us

-Well the Flyers lost again last night to the Bruins. I stole that headline from a friends FB status... but I'm not sure she's clever enough to make it up herself so she gets no credit. *update*- I know she's not clever enough to come up with that herself.

The bounces just weren't going the Flyers way. They played a very strong 1st and 2nd period, but seemed to be resigned to their fate in the 3rd. I guess the injuries and therefore lack of depth is going to spell the Flyers demise. Looking for depth you say? I know who might be able to help:

Did mention I can't stand watching Scott Hartnell play? I didn't? Well then, I hate watching Scott Hartnell play. More so I hate watching Scott Hartnell skate. Its embarassing. I wish someone could come up with a split-screen of Hartnell skating and a newborn deer walking, because the similarities are uncanny. Why couldn't he be the one with a broken foot? That way Carter or Gagne could play, and a broken foot may improve Hartnell's skating.

-Enough with the negatives, Kyle Kendrick tried to do his best Roy Halladay impression last night. It was on a little smaller scale, but KK was agressive with hitters and pitched a great game last night. Baez and Contreras came in and shockingly didn't allow the Cards to get back in to it. I've been very impressed with Jose Contreras so far this season. He's been a really nice pickup for Rube Jr. and the NL champs. If Brad Lidge can keep up what he's been doing the last few outings (that slider looks nasty right now, keep it up BL!), the bullpen just may come around. Can't look much worse than it has been early on in the season.

Last night was definitely the most important game of the series. The Phils got the win, and some guy named Roy takes the pill for the 4th game of the series. I've gotta say, I like our chances. Not saying this will be an automatic win, but you know what i'm getting at. Its freakin Roy Halladay!

-Company softball game today, i'm a pitching machine! 0 and 14 last year, 0 and 1 so far this year. If we win today, we can avoid being the 2008 Detroit Lions of slow pitch softball. Fingers are crossed, but not making any guarantees.

-Happy Seis de Mayo everyone! Cheesy Gordita Crunches for all!

-PS... if you are keeping score in this post Tasering-Fans World, the score still remains:

Taser - 1
Fans - 0

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