Friday, May 14, 2010

Game 7gasm and a Birthday Party!

--I'm an extremely jaded Flyers fan, so I fully expect the good guys to lose tonight. And not just a regular "hey we got beat" loss, I'm talking a "Mark Recchi just jammed in the game winner with 3 minutes to go while simultaniously climbing 4 phone books to punch me directly in the junk" loss. Just please don't take it to overtime, my heart can not tolerate that kind of stress. Please win Flyers. Pretty please with CGC's on top...

--I'm so sick of hearing about the Phillies stealing signs. If the Phillies can decipher signs from the bullpen, call to the dugout, and get the info to the batter all from the time the sign is given to the pitcher to the moment the pitcher delivers the ball, the entire Phillies organization should be working for the freakin CIA. And if the other team doesn't change their sign pattern throughout the game, they might as well just tell the other team what they are doing. What sign was stolen from Johan Santana when he walked Jamie Moyer? I guess my opinion will be skewed a bit since I am a Phillies fan, but I'll hold off on judgement unless someone comes up with some undeniable proof that the Phillies are going the extra extra mile to steal signs. I believe every team is trying to steal signs, its called gamesmanship.

--In better news, its Harry Leroy Halladay III's birthday today!!! I have an idea for Christmas 2.0! ... May 14th. If someone could show me how to fit a complete game shutout in to a stocking i'm all ears!

--How does Roy celebrate his birthday? I'm glad you asked... powder blue uni's and birthday hats! duh...

--Mexican restaurant karaoke is much better than regular karaoke. Fact. Next time I should ask if someone can make me a Cheesy Gordita Crunch.

--Merry Friday everyone! MSMC is up to 12 followers! Guess who's number that is? I'll give you 2 guesses...

--Day 2 of Operation: Megan Wants to Adopt Charlie Manuel as Her Grandpop (OMWTACMAHG for short). Still no communication with Charlie. He was last seen in Milwaukee eating some Nutrisystem food. (1800-321-THIN to Charlie-size yourself!) Somebody find him and let him know Megan is looking for him!

--Celebrity Stairs-Bomb! Ryne Sandberg gets it gooooood! (may or may not have actually been Ryne Sandberg, but for the sake of an awesomesauce story, its him!)

Taser - 2
Fans - 0

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