Tuesday, May 18, 2010

So Much Potential For Awesomeness Tonight.

--Now that Jimmy Rollins is back in the lineup (Welcome back Young James!), Uncle Cholly has to decide where to put him in the lineup. I know its not much of a decision knowing Charlie Manuel. He is more than likely going back to the leadoff spot. I'd love to see Rollins go to the 6 hole and keep Shane Victorino leading off. Shane has done a really nice job since Rollins' injury and it would be really interesting to see if Rollins could thrive in more of a RBI role. But who am I kidding, Charlie's huge on loyalty (how long did he keep Brad Lidge in the closer's role last year, even though he was painfully bad?)... he's definitely not going to move Jimmy unless Jimmy is 100% ok with it. More Phillies in approximately 20 seconds, or however fast you read.

--Kind of a big Flyers game tonight. A win tonight and the Flyers will come back to the Wachovia Center for game 5 (as of right now is still if neccessary) at worst tied 2-2 in the series. The Flyers do not want to give the Habs any sense of hope heading back to Montreal for games 3 and 4. Those crazy French Canadiens are gonna be worked up enough as it is, lets not give them any more reasons to start a riot.

--If there was ever a time to bet your life savings on a sporting event, it's tonight's Phillies game against the Pirates. That Roy guy is pitching tonight at home against one of the worst teams in baseball. Aaaaaaaaannnnnnddddd to pile on that, its Roy Halladay bobblehead night. How can the Phillies possibly lose? Zach Duke starts for the Buccos, but I think the Pirates might have a better chance if they put one of those bobbleheads out on the mound.

--Babe Ruth from all accounts sounded like the coolest dude ever. I would've loved to been alive to go to the bar with him. His larger than life stories that I've heard throughout the years sound legen... wait for it... dary! Makes me wish I was alive back then to see the Bambino in real life. I read this tidbit about the Babe and it has to be shared:
May 1922 – After being ejected from a game at The Polo Grounds for throwing dirt in the eyes of the umpire, Babe Ruth chased a heckler through the stands. When the fan ran out of reach, Ruth returned to the dugout roof and challenged any fan in attendance to fight him. Ruth was suspended for seven games and fined $200 for the incident.
Sports sounded way better back then. I wonder what Ruth would've done to the South Jersey loser that threw up near the police officer and the little girl at the Phils game a few weeks back.

--When its raining outside, why do people drive like the road is covered with ice? I was stuck in traffic this morning and I swear a Zamboni passed me on the shoulder. At first glance, I thought "that is so cool, who owns a Zamboni?". Then I realized, "oh yeah, Zamboni's are built for driving on ice, no wonder he's going faster, everyone else thinks its ice". Its just rain people! 20 mph is not neccessary!

--I was in the bathroom this morning at work, and these two guys come walking in having a conversation. So I just figure that when you walk in to the bathroom the conversation stops. Boy was I wrong. To my anger and dismay, they just keep on talking. I just assumed that when a man enters a bathroom, they know that any and all conversations cease, you take care of business, and then you can continue talking outside. Are you kidding me? If there was ever a reason to tase someone, that was it. And what guys go to the bathroom together? Double tase!

--Day 6 of Operation: Megan Wants To Adopt Charlie Manuel As Her Grandpop. I think someone should call in next week to the Charlie Manuel Show on WIP and tell Charlie he has a young lady(kind of...j/k Meg!) who wants to be his adopted grandaughter. I would do it but I have work. Somebody get this done and I'll hook them up with some MSMC gear (as soon as we get MSMC gear), and maybe you'll ever score a hug and a smooch from Megan herself!

--Double Haiku! I forgot yesterday. Thanks to Man Crusher Bill for pointing it out:

Utility king
31 Kevin Sefcik
Plays only in 8th


Ironic lines next
Karl Dykhuis is a dude
But guys can't come in

--Another celebrity Stairs-Bomb! Today's victim is former NBA coach Jeff Van Gundy!

Don't believe it's him? Look at the obvious evidence, amazingly shallow hairline...well thats about it. All the evidence you need right? His too thin to be Mean Gene Okerlund so it has to be Van Gundy!

--Go Flyers and Phillies tonight! (especially for all of you putting your life savings on the Phils game!)

Taser - 2
Fans - 0

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  1. Blahahaha....."Karl Dykhaus" ? When was the last time his name was mentioned ? The warden actually dated him years ago. Some funny stuff(as usual) you have going on here Bri, keep it up (no pun intended)