Friday, May 7, 2010


--I'll be honest, when Roy Halladay takes the mound for the Phils, I just expect the other team to have no chance. Kinda like when I used to watch Saturday morning WWF and saw The Ultimate Warrior face some no-name chump. And even when the Phils are playing a top quality team like St. Louis, Roy just takes care of business. He didn't even have his best stuff yesterday (yes 1 earned run isn't his best stuff). I love watching this team play baseball, but I get triple excited on a night that Doc takes the mound. 7 starts in, and each of his starts is an absolute event, a Halladay if you will. Kind of like when Matt Stairs used to come to the plate!

--Speaking of great pitchers, The Phils greatest right handed pitcher Robin Roberts passed away yesterday. I never saw him pitch, but i've seen his stats and they are unreal. His legacy will live on forever in the city, and he will be sorely missed.

--Company softball team finally got its first ever win yesterday! 18-13 a real defensive minded pitchers duel. Boy our defense is brutal. Thank goodness the other team was worse. Sorry Mr. Stairs, no home runs, but I did swing as hard as I could.

--A couple of people from my other softball team were discussing yesterday what it must feel like to be tased. And what would happen if we brought a taser to our games. Any dropped fly balls... tased. Bad base running... tased. Terrible get the point. I really just want to tase somebody one day. I have a plan to get through my whole life without firing a real gun. But a taser? Sign me up!

--Hey lady! Forever 21 is just the name of a store... you are still 47.

--I have a ton of hatred for the city of Boston and the Boston Bruins. But their marketing dept. is top notch. If you get a chance, go on youtube and watch the commercials with the bear. Its friggin genius...

A Heavenly Stairs-Bomb!

Taser - 1
fans - 0

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