Monday, May 10, 2010

Weekend Update, Monday Style.

--No weekend blogs this week, I was living in my own personal hell and I didn't want to spew negative on a mostly postive weekend (You know what I'm saying Magic!). I broke my cell phone saturday morning, so all weekend it felt like I was living in a 1995 bubble in a 2010 world. In my bubble, Hakeem Olajuwon was ruling the paint and Coolio was still livin in a gangsta's paradise.

--A lot of solid events happened since we last hung out here at MSMC. Older than the mound itself, Jamie Moyer pitched a 2 hit shut out. I can't say that Jamie's gonna turn it around and pitch like that the rest of the year, but it was definately a 5 CGC performance.

--The Phils snatched 2 out of 3 from the Braves, ending a very successful home stand. Hey that Jayson Werth guy is pretty good. That dude's gonna get paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiidddddd.

--Mark Recchi tried his hardest to ruin my Friday night. Thank goodness Simon Gagne saved the day, for now. Tonight could be the end of the season for the Flyers in scumbag Beantown. I can't even begin to imagine a Boston vs. Pittsburgh eastern conference finals... every night there would be a hockey building full of bags of Summer's Eve. Go Western Conference! I might be getting ahead of myself, the Flyers and Canadiens haven't lost yet... but its not looking good.

-- I had a dream I was at a Flyers game with Matt Stairs eating a Cheesy Gordita Crunch... not the same one, we each had our own. Ugh if only...

--Tiger withdrew in the final round of The Players Championship Sunday complaining of neck pain. Had aaaaabbbbbsolutely nothing to do with the fact that he was playing horribly. No not at all... I think that poor guy just needs to get him some!

--Great news! A drunken fan had to be tasered at the Players Championship in Florida. What? You didn't hear about it? I wonder why... thank god the fan or the event wasn't from a city that rhymes with Schmiladelphia or Wolf Blitzer would've been tucked in the corner of a nearby motel 6 with a bullet-proof suit broadcasting live. So you know what that means!!!! Scoreboard update!!!

Taser - 2
Fans - 0

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