Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Let the man crush begin

I'm a Philadelphia sports fan. I don't get drunk and get in to fights at the stadiums. I have never thrown up on a little girl at a Phillies game. And I've never thrown a snowball at Santa. Shockingly, not all of us are like that, contrary to lazy national reports. I do get mad at my teams, and I do take it personally when they lose. But I love them more than anyone not from this area will ever understand. I wouldn't think about cheering for any other sports franchise besides the Flyers, Phillies, Sixers, and Eagles.

When trying to come up with an on-going theme for my blog, one Philadelphia folk hero kept coming to mind... Matt Stairs. Many athletes have come through his town, but very few are remembered for one single amazing moment the way Matt Stairs will be remembered forever. His titanic moonshot in game 4 on the 2008 NLCS has reached epic proportions. If I could afford it, I would purchase an extra TV and have that at-bat on a continuous loop 24/7 in my home. He has one objective every time he's ever been up to the plate, and that is to hit he ball as far as humanly possible. And to me, that i pretty effin cool.

My blog won't just be about my bro-love for Matt Stairs, I'll talk about pretty much anything that pops in to my crazy brain...but rest assured that Matt Stairs will make many, many appearances. Hopefully someday Mr. Stairs himself will read this and not be completely freaked out.

I'll discuss on-goings in the world, music, entertainment, and national sports too. But mostly strange occurences in my life, Philadelphia sports and Matt Stairs. Oh yeah, I forgot... I play on a coed football and softball team so if I chirp about that, just go along with it. But you will soon realize that almost everything i talk about will have a very sarcastic vibe to it. I don't do serious very well.

I want to thank my parents for having me, and for having me grow up in the Philadelphia area, and for making sure I grew up and stayed a fan of all the Philadelphia teams. I couldn't imagine rooting for anyone else.

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