Thursday, May 13, 2010

Comeback for the Ages and Viewer Mail!!!

--For the 6th time in NHL history, a team that has comeback from a 3-0 deficit to tie a playoff series and force a game 7. The Flyers defended their home ice last night by winning 2-1 and are heading up to ridiculously pretentious Boston, Mass to try and complete this unpredictable comeback. If any town realizes that no lead is safe in a 7 game series, its Boston (2004 Sox anyone?). You can bet there are some tight sphincters in Beantown today (but lets be honest, not much more than usual).

--I for one couldn't tell that last night was Michael Leighton's first ever playoff start, much less his 2nd appearance in uniform since his 2 month injury lay off. He showed great composure and timing for someone who has been basically thrown to the wolves, or bears if you will.

--Having to wait until tomorrow night for this game just makes the anxiety that much worse. The anticipation will have this city buzzing until and hopefully long after the 7pm puck drop tomorrow. Regardless of the outcome, the entire NHL playoffs thus far have been incredible. And we're only half way home! And then a week after that, training camp starts for next year (not entirely true, just seems that way.

--It really was an awful shame that our good friends on the opposite end of the turnpike got completely run out of their own building in the last game that will ever be played at the Igloo. The Penguins got completely smashed at home by the improbable world beating Canadiens to send the 8 seed to the Eastern Conference Finals. Even Matt Stairs enjoyed it:

--The Phillies, luckily surving the day after tomorrow 2.0, dropped a Roy Halladay start to the Rockies 4-3 in 10 innings yesterday afternoon. Doc felt he needed to have a rough outing so the rest of the league will stop thinking the Phillies are cheating. What a team player that Roy guy is! He's an American (and Canadian) Hero!

--Remember when the Canadiens EMBARRASSED the Pens last night? That ruled.

--Obscure, old school, Philadelphia athlete Haiku time:

93 team owned
Ben Rivera was so tall
No mullet for him

--My friend Megan wants to start a campaign to adopt Charlie Manuel as her Grandpop. I think Charlie would prefer to be an uncle, but I think we should try to grant her wish anyways. After all, I am trying to eat a Cheesy Gordita Crunch with Matt Stairs. And all dreams should come true! So if anyone knows Charlie personally, have him contact me, and then we will drink many beers together and call Megan with the good news!

--Thank you to Ross Kasper, loyal Man Crusher (we'll work on the name) for sending this in: (thank you to the Philadelphia Daily News for doing the reporting)

News flash: If Taser fails, try beanbags
Philadelphia Daily News 215-854-4225

Four shocks from Tasers couldn't keep a flasher with a fanny pack down on Monday, so Delaware County police used their next best weapon in nonlethal force - beanbag bullets, according to court documents.

The trouble started when Daniel Reed, 48, allegedly flashed his female mail carrier and his neighbor at the Hilltop Condominiums, on Hilltop Drive in Brookhaven, shortly before 11 a.m., prompting a call to police.

When Officer George Pappas arrived on scene, Reed approached him in the parking lot and at one point pulled down his pants, exposing his penis, and told Pappas to "go d--k yourself," the affidavit said.

After Reed zipped up, he unzipped a fanny pack that was around his waist and pulled out a three-inch knife, telling Pappas "I got something for you," police said.

Pappas then shot Reed in the chest with his Taser but Reed "felt no effects," according to the affidavit.

Reed then pulled the Taser probes out and allegedly taunted Pappas with the knife. When a backup officer arrived, he also shot Reed with his Taser, but it still didn't seem to faze him.

Both officers then shot Reed again with their Tasers and it was only after the fourth probe struck him that he fell, court records said.

Still conscious, Reed then used his knife to cut himself free from all of the Taser wires, the affidavit said.

As he was getting up, Reed waved the knife and threatened to cut the cops' eyes out and walked to his apartment, court documents said.

He stood at the screen door of his apartment and told the cops he had lots of knives and a pistol inside, according to the affidavit.

Police from numerous Delaware County departments arrived and after a struggle to open the door, they subdued Reed by shooting him with beanbag rounds and arrested him.

He was taken to Crozer-Chester Medical Center for a psychological evaluation and was arraigned yesterday on a slew of charges that included aggravated assault and open lewdness.

--There are so many parts of this I find funny, many have to do with the fact that he was rockin a fanny pack. It must have been tough to hold up the fanny pack when pulling out the goods. And if you are gonna be flashing people, why keep a knife that close to your junk?

The affidavit said that Reed told Officer Pappas to "go d--k yourself"... what is that middle word? Dunk? Dork? Dink? Need to work on those one-liners skills in the joint brah!

Unforutnately since this didn't happen at a sporting event, I can't add this to the scoreboard (even though this will probably be the only time the fan would defeat the taser). But it is an enjoyable read. Sadly, the scoreboard reads:

Taser - 2
Fans - 0

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