Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Meatloaf Kew What He Was Talking About.

--2 outta 3 ain't bad. The Flyers won 3-0 last night to take a 2 games to none lead over the Montreal Canadiens in the ECF. The Sixers got lucky last night in the NBA lottery and leapfrogged 4 teams to grab the #2 pick in the draft. Unfortunately, the Phillies offense decided to sleepwalk through the game last night and lost to the Pirates 2-1. Lets break it down!

--How good is Michael Leighton right now? 2 Shutouts in a row (how many CGC's is that?)... the last Philadelphia goalie to complete that feat, some guy named Parent (hey doc, great save). Leighton stood tall in net and his post to post movement has been nothing short of stellar. For once, we have the hot goalie! It was obvious last night that the Canadiens were completely frustrated that they couldn't solve Leighton. Alot of credit should go to chris Pronger and the defense as well. They did a great job of allowing Leighton to see the shot, and then getting the rebound out of harms way. The 2nd chances opportunities were extremely limited for Montreal.
Meanwhile, at the other end of the ice, Jaroslav Halak and the Habs defense looked extremely mortal compared to how they looked in the previous two series. The Flyers powerplay has been almost overwhelming in the first two games and I can't praise the play of guys like Danny Briere, Simon Gagne, and Ville Leino (all of whom scored last night. They'll need to continue their great play as the scene shifts to Bell Centre for games 3 and 4. I have a feeling the Flyers are going to see a completely different team once they get in to enemy territory.

--The 76ers won the lottery! We sort of... Getting the #2 pick in this years draft might be as good as the #1 pick. I am going to assume the Wizards will select John Wall with the top pick, so that leaves OSU star Evan Turner waiting in the Sixers lap. I think this is a no brainer pick, he brings so much versatility to the Sixers, and maybe he will be the catalyst for pushing underachiever Andre Iguodala out the door. But knowing Ed Stefanski and the Sixers, anythings possible.

--For those of you who took my advice and bet your life savings on the Phillies last night, what were you thinking? Sporting events are so difficult to predict, especially baseball games. I don't know why anyone would risk all they had on a sporting event. Sucks to be you! If you are looking for somewhere to stay now that you're house is gone, I hear this guy is looking for people to help him repaint his home:

I have found out on good authority that this guy is single. He even gets shut out in his own home, just like the Canadiens themselves! blahahahaha

--Dear ESPN, even though all you talk about is Lebron James and the NBA Playoffs, can you find it in your hearts to take back the NHL? Versus might be the worst station in the history of television (a celebration just began at CW Philly... congrats guys! you are out of the cellar!!!)

--Haiku time!

Red zone gave them woes
Roger Ruzek took the field
3 points on the board

--Day 7 of OMWTACMAHG. 1 week in! So much work to do. As a hitting guru, Charlie's probably steaming about last night's absence of offense. I don't think anybody should bother him today. We'll try again tomorrow. Somebody go to the store and get him some of these... guaranteed to cheer him up!

--A big fat Stairs-Bomb to Sidney Crosby and all of the Pittsburgh Penguins tearin' up the links this week!

Taser - 2
Fans - 0

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