Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Not sunshine sprinkles with a chance of lollipops

--Who was the Busch drinking (i know, i know) idiot that decided not to build a roof over Coors Field? How are we supposed to spread the complete game shutout joy to cities that are better suited to host the Winter Olympics than a MLB game? MLB should make a rule: If your city has ever had snow in the month of May more than twice in its history, DOME (at least a retractable one). I want to see Roy every 5th day, not every 5th day unless there's snow, got it? Now they've scheduled a doubleheader for today, but guess whats in the forecast? I'll give you hint, its not sunshine sprinkles with a chance of lollipops...

--In other scheduling news, the Phillies get to play three more games at Citizens Bank Park due to the G20, B11, O64 Summit being held in Toronto the same weekend that Roy was supposed to make his return to Canadia. All 26 Blue Jays fans are a little bit miffed and I don't blame them. Does anyone else think Capt Selig and the other baseball big wigs could've figured out a better solution sooner? But I'll take three more games at the Bank, even if the Phils will be the away team and the DH will be utilized. This means (potentially, maybe likely) Brad Lidge or any other Phillies reliever could in fact (potentially, maybe likely) give up a walkoff homerun in his own ballpark. The thought of that makes me shudder.

--Apparently, Mets frenchy outfielder Jeff Franceour is a bit upset that the Fightins get three extra home field games. Don't be upset Jeff, if the Mets had three extra home games at Citi Field it would just be 3 more games no one would go to. If the Mets fans had any brains and/or a sense of humor, they would buy as many tickets to the Blue Jays/Phillies series and cheer the crap out of the Jays. That would actually be funny and clever on their part. I don't see it happening though. Maybe Franceour should worry less about where the Phillies play their games and more about not hitting in to unassisted triple plays. Eric Bruntlett agrees:

--Its time for the Flyers to channel their inner JJ Daigneault and bring the house down tonight on those punktastic Bruins in game 6. Scoring the 1st goal of the game will never be more important than tonight's game. Flyers score first and that seed of doubt in the Bruin's heads will turn in to James' Giant Peach. Bruins score first and the doubt could disappear and become nothing but reassurance to the Bruins that history can be avoided. I expect the Wachovia Center to be pure insanity tonight. The fans have to let the visitors know that the Flyers are gonna ship it up to Boston for Game 7 friday night to swallow souls Evil Dead Style.

--I sure did miss Roy last night. Colorado sucks.

--Go Canadiens tonight! Go anybody against Pittsburgh! They have the douchiest fans ever.

--The Phillies were warned by MLB for stealing signs in the Rockies game Monday night. I think to prove a point, Roy Halladay should yell out each pitch against the Rockies before he throws it. That would be interesting. Unrealistic, but interesting.

--New tradition! Daily Haiku featuring an old school, obscure Philly athlete. enjoy daily friends:

Kent Manderville ruled
Eat Cheesy Gordita Crunch
And then score mad goals

--The Sidelsky's get Stairs-Bombed!
*if anyone knows the Sidelsky's, have them email me and let me know they are ok.

Taser- 2
Fans - 0

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